Freedom to… laser-cut three-dimensional parts

Five-axis laser machine for processing any 3D part

See what’s possible
Fiber laser: lower costs, higher margins

The performance of the fiber laser and its ability to process reflective (aluminium, brass, copper, etc.), combined with the elimination of maintenance and the considerable savings of electricity make fiber laser technology even more appealing for new applications: higher efficiency, lower costs and higher margins.

Active Tools

Active Tools: make tube processing even simpler and more robust

Active Piercing

You will experience a considerable increase of productivity on thick walled tubes when using the optimised Active Piercing function. Increase piercing speed and reliability even when faced with inconsistent material quality and thickness. Spectacular!

Active Speed

Optimal cutting quality from the first part!
You can obtain high cut quality on all parts even if you do not have specific laser cutting expertise. With Active Speed, the Lasertube machine will dynamically manage all the cutting parameters and deliver the same cut quality in difficult cutting conditions that you expect in common laser cutting jobs. Safe!

Active Focus

Active Focus’ dynamic control of the focus position provided quality cuts despite changes of material and wall thickness. Parts often contain 2D and 3D cuts, piercing and marking. Active Focus always provided optimal cutting conditions to insure quality and productivity. You have the best focus configuration at all times with no additional for programming. Extremely focused!

Exclusive laser cutting head design for infinite applications

The tapered nozzle of the BLM patented cutting head makes it easy to reach into concave features in parts. This feature, combined with the fiber laser, combine to offer infinite potential uses.

Up to 25% material savings

LT-FREE can make very close, accurate cuts. This makes it possible to change the traditional process and adopt a multi-part approach. The tube is bent multiple times then the laser is used to make the cuts needed to separate multiple parts from a single bent tube. The material savings is considerable, up to 25%.

Absolutely safe operation

The all aluminium Class I safety enclosure is designed to contain a high power laser beam. Light tight and interlocked access doors are certified to safely manage loading and unloading in total safety.